AI in talent aquisition

Artificial intelligence in the hiring process has evolved to help solve the problem of traditional recruiting process which is slow and inefficient. AI is making recruitment easier, more accurate, and efficient. AI enables hiring managers to assess and interview candidates with much more ease compared to traditional methods.

Why Phone screening?

Initial phone screening is used by human resource specialist to screen candidates. Phone screening can be used to source candidates and also eliminate unsuitable candidates and validate their communication skills

Eliminate unconscious bias in recruiting

The major advantage of Recruiting AI is to eliminate unconscious bias in hiring talents. AI recruiting ensures that the qualified candidate are hired irrespective of race, gender and religion.

Uses of Remote Hiring tools

The use of remote hiring tools to acquire talents is gaining momentum. Candidates can be screened, interviewed and hired from remotely locations with the use of remote hiring applications. such as resume screening, phone screening, email recruiting, text recruiting, chatbot recruiting, quiz assessment, video screening and video interviewing.

Why automate candidate screening

Candidate screening is takes a lot of time, resource and energy. Automating candidate screening saves recruiters time, increase productivity and efficiency in hiring great talents.

Why talent engagement?

The idea to engage client through automated conversation with chatbot, text, email and voice is becoming popular. Recruiters and hiring managers are able to source and engage candidates to gain more information about candidate skills, job knowledge and corporate fit.