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Resume Screening

Automatically screen thousands of resume in seconds. Screen, score and shortlist candidates in seconds for hiring using Artificial Intelligence technology.

Video Screening

Quickly screen candidates video interviews for gestures and keywords powered by Artificial Intelligence. Features: Email notification, Speech transcription and video broadcasting.

Mobile Recruiting

Increase candidates sourcing and engagements. Set reminders, collect data and schedule candidates for interviews through our text recruiting and email recruiting application.

Quiz Recruiting

Tired of hiring and interviewing the wrong people?. Evaluate candidates on job knowledge and situational judgement. Choose from our library of questions or build custom quiz.

Video Recruiting

Evaluate candidates through one-on-one video conferencing application. create video interviews and evaluate candidates judgement and cognitive reasoning.

Phone Screening

Source, screen and eliminate unsuitable candidates, validate candidates communication skills and save time and money using automated phonebot.

Everything you need to hire candidates in seconds

Automate the entire recruiting process from a single dashboard.

Invite Candidates

Invite candidates for video interview and quiz assessments. Engage candidates with an invitation for quiz and interviews for evaluation.


Do you need to integrate with other applications? Integrate our application with third-party human resource applications.


Need Reports and analytics?. Quantify and gain insights on data. View candidates response, reports and analytics .


Easily initiate a phone call using our automated phonebot to screen and eliminate unsuitable candidates and validate communication.

Call Recordings

Need to listen to candidates response during phone screening?. Listen to call recordings immediately after phone conversation.

Custom interviews

Develop custom quiz assessments and video interviews to evaluate candidate job knowledge, skills and cognitive abilities.

Video Transcription

Need to evaluate candidates interviews? Evaluate candidates interview response through video and speech transcription.

Email Notification

Never miss an update even on the go. Receive email notifications during candidate video interviews.

Video Broadcasting

Need to watch candidate video interview?. Watch candidate video interviews and evaluate candidate performance.

Text Recruiting

Set reminders, source and engage candidates with text recruiting. Use auto texting to source and schedule candidates for interview.

Email Recruiting

Source and Engage Candidates with Email recruiting. Use custom email templates to engage and schedule candidates interview.

Custom Quiz

Tired of hiring and interviewing the wrong people?. Build Custom Quiz with ease and evaluate candidate for job knowledge.

Screen, Evaluate and Hire Great Talents in Seconds

Reduce the Hiring process by 90%

Source and Engage Candidates

Easily source and engage candidates through our virtual interactive agent and mobile recruiting application. Quickly initiate phone calls and let our phonebot communicate and schedule interviews.

Screening in seconds

Quickly screen thousands of candidates in seconds. Screen resumes, video interviews and phone calls faster. Shortlist candidates, record calls, transcribe speech and send email notification.

Evaluate and Interview

Evaluate candidates abilities and job-knowledge through live video interview and quiz assessment. Recruiters can choose from our library of aptitude test and skills test or build custom test.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How much do you charge?

Our subscription plans are available in three models: subscription per transaction, subscription per user and subscription per enterprise.

Is your product available as freeware?

Our suite of products are available free to use for first time subscribers with a maximum of 5 transactions per year.

How long does it take to screen candidates?

Our automated phone screening, video screening, Bot screening and resume screening can screen thousands of candidates in seconds.

Who can use your application?

Our products can be used by recruiting firms, health care, finance, energy, utilities, telecommunication and small businesses involved in hiring.

How secured are my transactions?

Keeping your data secured is one of our top priorities. Our applications are encrypted for all access and transactions, we perform daily backups of files and data.

How can I get help?

If you have any questions or concerns, need technical support or help getting started with Recruiting Hive just write us a quick email to Our 24/7 customer support team will help you out.


Integrate with third party applications.

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